Tesoro Metal Detectors in Australia

News: 26/10/2015.

There are ongoing issues with the Tesoro supply chain in Australia. I am not involved with the distributor in any way, but feel free to contact me (Shaun Branden) on 0433164587 or info@tesoro.com.au and I will see what I can do to help.

News: 26/8/2015.

Australian Tesoro prices are increasing and there are currently supply issues. I have taken down the online store until I know for sure that detectors are available for a decent price.



This is an Australian Tesoro metal detector fan site. I am not connected with Tesoro in anyway. I picked up this domain with the intention of retailing Tesoro in Australia and helping the Tesoro user community as much as possible, but recently there have been supply issues and I closed down the retail side. Hopefully one day Tesoro will once again be easily available in Australia and for a realistic price- fingers crossed. Until then, I will work out how best to use this domain to benefit Australian Tesoro users somehow, cheers.

I am in Adelaide if you want to get together sometime for a hunt, and am always happy to pass on what knowledge I have.